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About this web site & the meeting:

This is the home website for the Triangle Men's Inquiry meeting. Men's inquiry meetings are monthly meetings of men that use inquiry to enhance their relationships with others and themselves.  The Triangle Men's Inquiry meeting meets on the third Thursday of every month from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. During this meeting, we deeply examine questions of our choosing, genuinely exploring and answering them from our own experiences.  We may discover skills, wisdom, and knowledge in ourselves and each other that we might not have found on our own. New questions are offered for discussion each month. At the end we review what we have learned and what we are willing to commit to changing in our lives from these insights.  This meeting is provided at no charge as a public service. 

Look here for more information ways to be involved.

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Some of the questions explored at the meetings:
  • How do we handle criticism and compliments in a way that gives us more freedom?
  • What are the benefits and cost of being emotionally available?
  • What are the unique nurturing qualities that a man can offer his children?
  • How do I have healthy meaningful relationships with other men?
  • What keeps us awake to the beauty and passion of life?
  • How do you end a love relationship and keep the friendship?
  • What is anger and its relationship to sadness?
  • What is your definition of spirituality?
  • What have you found to be the best way to build grounded self-confidence?
  • What works in remembering what works?
  • How do we separate sexuality from intimacy?
  • What is the human soul and how do you communicate with yours?
  • What is strength and power without aggression?
  • How do we learn to accept ourselves?
  • What does it take to create and maintain a long term passionate relationship?
  • What does it mean to be an adult man and when did you decide you were an adult?
  • Who were some of your personal role models that have supported you in distinguishing yourself as a man?

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Why Men's Work, Why Men's Groups or Meetings:

Click here to go to the article "Why Men's Groups"

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Premise of the Men's Inquiry Meeting:

The premise of this work is that often the behaviors, beliefs, and values which have the most influence on our lives are just outside our conscious awareness.  It is easier to change something once we become more conscious of it. Through this inquiry we can discover what we have not been aware of, allowing us to claim it or change it. A shared dialogue encourages a broadened and more supported view from which we can become more of who we really want to be.

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Intention of the Men's Inquiry Meeting:

The Intention of the Men's Inquiry Meeting is to create an environment where men can profoundly nurture, trust and emotionally support each other. It is a place where together we explore ourselves, embrace our full humanity, and deepen trust with each other.  The design of the questions is to explore the un-explored, that which is just out side our awareness, in a way that gives us more freedom and power in our lives. Our meeting honors the true essence of masculine energy in a way that supports all life.

Mission of this group:

The purpose of THIS group is building fellowship; that enhances our lives, relationships, and in ways that supports us in clarifying & fulfilling our mission in life.

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Definition of informal inquiry:

The meeting is an informal inquiry, which is "a casual discussion examining a question thoroughly, looking at it as though you have never examined it before, with the  intention of discovering something new".

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On-site Presentation available:
Click here to find out more about a presentation by Martin Brossman on Men's Work / Issues for men and women

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In Memory of John Urbana, who participated in the first
men's inquiry meeting in October 1997 and died in a car
accident February 1998







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