Presented from The Men's Inquiry

Men's Work – The Value of Healthy Fellowship.

What are the core issues of men today and how do we support men in being better fathers, leaders, partners and friends?

How do men's groups positively impact our relationships, personal effectiveness, children, and society?

Designed & Presented by:
Martin Brossman

What is "men's work"? How do men's groups contribute to our society? How many men do you know that have close male friends who they can truly confide in about their joys, passions, fears, and desires? Who do most men turn to in emotional pain? How many just isolate themselves?

This presentation, gives attendees a  compelling glimpse into the book “Finding Our Fire—Enhancing Men’s Connection to Heart, Passion and Strength” and CD "What Does it Mean to Be a Man of Your Word" by Martin Brossman.  Drawn from a men’s discussion group he founded called The Men’s Inquiry*, the book includes Martin’s personal anecdotes plus contributions from over 100 men who responded, as they do in the Inquiry meetings, to thought-provoking questions with authentic emotion and surprising insights. Hear Martin describe the three types of men & how they affect women and offer practical methods for men of all ages to mature and change. Martin has worked on this material for over 10 years and reveals what he has found, as well as his personal experience, in this presentation.

  • The stages of the maturing of boys to men and how it affects all relationships
  • The three types of men and how it affects our culture
  • How the concepts make women more effective in both business and personal life
  • Application for both single and married women of all ages, including single mothers raising sons
  • Martin Brossman's own path and process and how it relates to therapy
  • The challenges that stop men from getting the support they need
  • The value of men supporting men and the challenges they face if they don't make this effort

This is a 20 min. to 1.5 hr. engaging presentation for men & women on men's issues in our culture today. It is dedicated to revealing the normally unexpressed benefit of men investing their time in getting together with other men in groups, with the intent of developing a healthier relationship and deeper connection with each other. With questions and answers, Martin will be discussing the real value possible from men truly supporting each other, what resources are available for men, and what works in supporting men in taking advantage of these resources. Martin has been leading the Triangle Men's Inquiry Meeting since 1996 and has participated in and led training on men's issues.  He has also assisted Warren Farrell, author of 5 men's books including “Why Women Don’t Hear What Men Don’t Say” and “Why Men Are The Way They Are” at Farrell's Esalen Institute workshops. Martin will be sharing from this wealth of experience, including both a personal perspective and that of other men who have participated.

What people said about Martins work:
“Martin speaks from the heart about men’s issues in today’s society. He offers a sound action plan for those men willing and brave enough to take the journey into true manhood. He explains how men can express themselves, be tender yet strong at the same time. I found Martin to be an inspirational speaker who is passionate about his work and making a much needed change in our culture. I highly recommend that both men and women hear what Martin Brossman has to say.”
Sally Hanson Griffie

“A gift from a dedicated leader in personal growth, particularly the development of the healthy male ego, “Finding Our Fire” is a must read for psychotherapists, life coaches and anyone interested in the wounding and healing of the male psyche.”
Barry K. Selman, LCSW

"In Finding Our Fire, Martin Brossman gives from the very depth of his soul, from his fire. Turn the page and your fire will be sparked. Turn the next page and your heart will be opened. Turn the next page and you will find strength. Turn and turn, and you will be awakened to what is alive in you! For both men and women, Finding Our Fire will stimulate the best in you and open your world to a deeper connection with the energy needed to create a more harmonious future!”
Carolyn R. Craft, Host “Waking Up with Carolyn Craft” on Sirius Satellite Radio 114

Presentation time from 20 min to a 1.5 hr. workshop.

*The Men's Inquiry is a venue where healthy men explore questions about their lives together. Questions such as "What does it mean to be a leader or mentor? What type of son were you to your father? What works in keeping a long-term relationship passionate and alive? What does it mean to you to be a man today? The Men's Inquiry is not faith-based, and men of all walks of life are welcome.



About the developer and presenter:
Martin W. Brossman has a passion for enhancing relationships. Martin is the founder of both the Men's & Women's Inquiry . He has been interviewed on national talk shows, published in local and national magazines, and assisted with relationship courses at Esalen Institute in CA.  He is the VP of The Triangle Men's Center. His personal training in 'Men's Work' includes The Sterling Men's Weekend and the ManKind Adventure - New Warrior Training. In his Success Coaching he has helped men and women enhance their prosperity and their relationships for over 10 years. In 2007 Martin received the Ron Harring, Mission of Service award for living his mission in the world.

He is also the Director of Martin Brossman and Associates, an organization committed to supporting people in living lives they love. He is a trainer and personal coach, specializing in communications, career direction, conflict resolution,  coaching, and team effectiveness. A graduate of St. Andrews College, he has 20 years of professional experience including organizing and operating small firms and a personal consulting business. At IBM he received the "IBM Means Service" award, the top award given for customer service. In 2000 he was honored with the NC Governor's Volunteer of the Year Award for his service to the Laugh Mobile Program at Duke University Hospital. Martin has been a speaker and trainer for corporations, government agencies, and medical centers including; IBM, The Environmental Protection Agency, Duke Medical Center, the Granville County Health Department, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  He has been a featured presenter at the National Leadership Training Forum of the American Society for Training and Development.


For more information and to register call: Martin Brossman @ (919) 847-4757 or
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