Presented from The Men's Inquiry

Leadership, Fatherhood and Emotional Literacy 
A workshop for men committed to being leaders at work and home.

  • What is authentic strength & emotional courage?
  • What does it mean to be a father vs. a buddy to your kids?
  • What is the relationship to leadership and fatherhood?
  • How does it relate to being a powerful and compassionate partner?
  • Feelings, what is the distinction of being: Number to feeling, Absorbed in them or able to distinguish them to serve you.

Designed & Presented by:
Martin Brossman


The top leaders and best fathers have a number of things in common and one is the ability to make the tough decisions and take action from them. This is more difficult and may even lead to long term health problems if emotional literacy is not developed. Great personal and business intuition does not develop without a certain level of emotional literacy, but how do you develop it? Where is it safe for men to develop it? Not in the board room where the guy that wants your job is looking for any weakness to leverage to his advantage. Not necessarily at home where the demands of strength and compassion are on the man to support his family. The place is in the company of other men but what does that look like? How do you know if it is safe enough to do the emotionally courageous work that build the deeper character? How can you be present to other men if you have not had a chance to understand what emotional present is? This are some of the issues addressed in this workshop. Masters in all fields know of the value of on going training to keep their edge this is one of those training for leaders and fathers.

Martin Brossman will be drawing on his over 10 years of experience working with men as well as the work of Dr. Thomas Griggs from his up coming book on emotional literacy.

If you are not modeling looking at your own challenges in the company of other men how will our sons learn how to and our daughters choose good partners?

This workshop is a combination of presentation and experience. Men will be able participate at the level they are confortable with in a safe environment. As a participant you are asked to be responsible with your own needs and concerns and take care of yourself. I am aware of the real courage it take just to show up for an even with other men and will respect that courage.
- Martin Brossman

About the developer and presenter: Martin W. Brossman has a passion for enhancing relationships. Martin is the founder of both the Men's & Women's Inquiry . He has been interviewed on national talk shows, published in local and national magazines, and assisted with relationship courses at Esalen Institute in CA. He is the VP of The Triangle Men's Center. His personal training in 'Men's Work' includes The Sterling Men's Weekend and the ManKind Adventure - New Warrior Training. He has also assisted with the development of "Wild at Heart" church-based men's groups and built one of the largest discussion groups on the web of the same title. In his Success Coaching he has helped men and women enhance their prosperity and their relationships for over 10 years. Martin had been interview on multiple radio show including Satellite Radios "Wake up with Carolyn Craft" and Public Broadcasting in the Washington DC area

He is also the Director of Martin Brossman and Associates, an organization committed to supporting people in living lives they love. He is a trainer and personal coach, specializing in communications, career direction, conflict resolution, coaching, and team effectiveness. A graduate of St. Andrews College, he has 20 years of professional experience including organizing and operating small firms and a personal consulting business. At IBM he received the "IBM Means Service" award, the top award given for customer service. In 2000 he was honored with the NC Governor's Volunteer of the Year Award for his service to the Laugh Mobile Program at Duke University Hospital. Martin has been a speaker and trainer for corporations, government agencies, and medical centers including; IBM, The Environmental Protection Agency, Duke Medical Center, the Granville County Health Department, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. He has been a featured presenter at the National Leadership Training Forum of the American Society for Training and Development.

For more information and to register call: Martin Brossman @ (919) 847-4757 or
or send your check to Martin Brossman,, 6260-100 Glenwood Ave.. Suite 251, Raleigh NC 27612 

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